Catalytic Convertors

Standard catalyst tend to use between 400-600 CPSI (cells per square inch) catalyst cell pattern which restricts the engine, Our catalyst uses a 200 CPSI stainless steels cell pattern, this allows a much greater exhaust gas flow through the catalyst whilst maintaining the correct emissions required for UK MOT purposes.

Performance testing at the rear wheel has shown an average increase of 5-bhp through the WHOLE rev range with a peak of 6- bhp, Increased power and torque are the main advantages of installing this product also a small increase in sound would also be noticeable. And a noticeble amount on fuel comsumption.

Sports Cat

  • MOT Pass
  • Increased Performance
  • Increased Torque
  • Allows The Engine To Breathe

Standard Cat

  • MOT Pass
  • Restricts Engine
  • Restricted Performance
  • Restricted Torque


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